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Find The Athlete in You



There is more to us then your average gym. We are a class based gym with personal training benefits! MPT has a tone to offer you. Whether that be personal training, yoga, cardio boxing, HITT training and even barre classes. With our team anything is possible! Sign up for a class now, we look forward to meeting you!


We all have an image of the inner athlete that we can become.  Whether it's grabbing a gold medal, crossing a finish line or reaching the right fitness level that allows you to feel your best - MPT Meiners Performance Training is your coach and accountability partner.

Private Training

Get started with one-on-one Personal Training.  Schedule Now!

Group Fitness

We have a wide range of group fitness classes. Sign up for Strength training, cardio boxing, barre or HITT training.

Sports Performance

Fine tune your skills with sports specific training.  For athletes in organized sports.




Tiana Mutts

Being very active is something that Tiana has always carried with her throughout her life. As someone who played sports, she decided that she wanted to help others stay active and live a healthy life! Her strong love for fitness led her to obtaining a certification in personal training, group fitness and nutrition. Tiana's passion work, drive for fitness and coaching are major contributors in the trainer she is today.


Lori Pelzer

CYT certified yoga instructor with 15 years of teaching experience and a passion for health and wellness.  Practicing many different styles of yoga (Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, Yin, Taoist, Vinyasa) has provided Lori the experience to cultivate a creative, yoga flow teaching style that focuses on alignment as well as the mechanics of movement.  "I look forward to meeting you on the mat!"


Liz Liauba

Having fun while working out is something Liz loves. She makes Barre and Hitt training fun! 

Meet Jen 


Jen is the proud owner of MPT Meiners Performance Training!  She has over 20 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, working in Corporate Fitness and in Sports Performance facilities. She has a gifted ability to work with a wide range of populations which has given her a unique skill set to adapt training protocols according to her clients needs. Jen is results driven and instills her drive and passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle to all the people she works with!

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